Manuel's February Game Day: Wednesday, February 28th from 6:30pm until 11pm
Sorry for the late posting this month.  Lots of things going on behind the scenes but, they should just about all be taken care of now!  This month happens to be my birthday month and, I couldn't think of anything I wanted more, PFS related, than to finally close out my Season 5 play list.  I had previously asked Abraham to run this particular scenario for me last year at My Parent's Basement but, unfortunately had to work late that night.  With that being said, I've pre-mustered a table and GM so, I'm giving it a go again!  In addition, I will put down a Wild Card table for the second scenario... preferably a 1-5 so that anyone can play.  Because most of my regular GM's need to play this, I'm hoping someone can step up to run the second table!

#5-24  Assault On The Wound  Levels 3-7  GM:  Chris W.
1.  Dan
2.  Haller
3.  Bart
4.  Tim?
5.  Jenn

#0-2  The Hydra's Fang Incident Levels 1-5  GM:  Liam
1.  Travis
2.  Josh
3.  Winn
4.  Dot
5.  Abraham

We play in the Eagle's Nest, which is to the left of the front door in the back, behind the theater curtain.  I hope to see you there!
Need To Play:
7-19, 7-20, 7-21, 7-22, 7-23, 7-24, 7-25, 7-26, 7-27, 7-28, 7-29

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I'd be willing to run or play at the Wildcard table, with a slight preference for playing.

EDIT: It actually turns out I have something early Thursday morning. I can certainly run if I am needed, but I have a stronger preference to not GM at this point
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Put me down for the Wildcard table. Like Travis, I am willing to GM something if needed, but I have a preference for playing. It would be a nice change of pace after GMing 20+ hours of an AP this month.
I haven't played 5-24 I'll bring My Tracker Ranger level 6
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Confirming - will be there.
...hopefully they still have in their lost & found the hat I left up there last month...
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Mostly-correct PFS Tracker info here.

I think I've played 5-24 but I want to sit at the Birthday Table, so put me down to replay that.

If a waitlist forms for that table, I'll defer to folks who actually need it and move to the wild card.

For those playing 5-24, just one spoiler/reminder on how Assault on the Wound is a very unique atypical scenario:

Show Content5-24 unique content:

To enjoy it's full glory would probably take 6 hours, so I will be attempting to shorten some parts for a weeknight - but still ensure you get the full experience.

If you have any boons from these Season 5 Scenarios on any characters, please bring them with you:
  • 5-05: The Elven Entanglement
  • 5-07: Port Godless
  • 5-10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread
  • 5-17: Fate of the Fiend

And if the PC you are playing is Taldor/Sovereign Court, these scenarios have boons that can apply as well:
  • 5-03: Hell Knight's Feast
  • 5-04: The Stolen Heir
  • 5-11: Library of the Lion
  • 5-19: Horn of Aroden
I have played 5-24 and I am out of replays currently
Yeah, yeah, here's my list:
Dot and I for the low level table please
Add me for Hydra's Fang please. I have several level 1 or 2 options, or a level 5 warpriest if we go high.
An updated list of what I've played and GM-ed is at:

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