2/25 - RSP Event - SFS at Heroic Gaming
On the fourth Sunday of the month, we will be hosting an SFS  Game at the Heroic Gaming store in Roswell, Georgia. Heroic Gaming is a kid-friendly, family-oriented gaming space.

The store is located at:
4651 Woodstock Road, Suite 205, Roswell GA 30075.

The store's phone number is 770-709-4376.

This month the game day will occur on 2/25.
Note this game is typically our back content day.  We will be running anything from the Solar Sortee and earlier (except for Night in Nightarch that will be our March game).
What actually runs is based on what is requested, so when you register please tell us what you need to play (or if you don't know tell us what
you have played and we can work it out).

If you would like to reserve a slot for one of these games, please respond by noting:

Scenario you want to play
Real Name
Character Class
Character Level

If you have any questions, please either post below or email Luke Mc (huntsfromshadow @ gmail . com).

Note - Heroic has been re-authorized for the Regional Support Program! Come and join us for a chance to win a starfinder RSP boon!

Event Code: 414,083
Slot Time: 1 pm to 6 PM
Scenario: 2 Older Scenarios for people to play catch up.

Give the player population this table are likely Tier 1-2.

Table 1 - Into the Unknown - Martin H.
* Sam R. (Meetup) []
* Rob R. (Facebook)
* Greg S. (Facebook) []
* Mike B. (Meetup) []
* Open

Table 2 - Solar Sortee (Aiming at 3-4) - Luke Mc.
* Jonathan S. (Facebook) [Lvl 3 Soilder]
* Chuck C. (Facebook) [Lvl 2 Solarian]
* Keith W. (Facebook)
* Open
* Open
* Open
Heroic Gaming Liason

My Scenario List is at PFS Tracker
PFS #48026
Is it time to make people regret the choices that brought them to 1-3 again yet?  Smile
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An updated list of what I've played and GM-ed is at: https://www.pfstracker.net/#/players/1964/report

As a heads up we have 1 player requesting table two be a 3/4 run of the Solar Sortee.
If we have 2 other players confirm that scneario and tier we will slot it.
Heroic Gaming Liason

My Scenario List is at PFS Tracker
PFS #48026

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