Giga-Bites February 17th 2018 Game Day - SFS! and PFS?
(02-06-2018, 01:17 AM)Edward McGee Wrote: My options for slot 2 are

Hunter 6 Squishy melee riding a large ape. Has some crowd control abilities.
Oracle (Duel Cursed, Lunar) 8 Has a large tiger companion and high diplomacy.
Unchained Monk 8 Tanky melee with Greater Grapple and good perception/disable device but no trapspotter.

You can add Slayer 6 to this. Archer with Manyshot and Improved Precise Shot. And he has Disable Device + Trapspotter.
I have to bow out, something else came up.  And I had asked for a slot on PFS, not SFS.  Thanks!
My PFS Scenariotracker data  

PFS # 235309
I am going to have drop out of this one. I have stuff to do that day so I can do other stuff that night.

Some of my PCs: Valderon (Gunslinger 9), Ashelak the Tinkerer (Alchemist 13), Lord Ramone Dour (Unchained Rogue 12), Eagle Knight Grognard Drumm (Bard 10 / Barbarian 1)
I am pretty sick at this point and rather than risk spreading the contagion i am pulling out of the event. Liam Fisher has graciously agreed to run my table in slot 1
Hey folks, I'm going to be running a few minutes behind. Horses decided they weren't cooperating this morning. Should be on site by 11, traffic willing!
I may be a few minutes late also.

Hey folks, it looks like there's a shutdown on I20 WB that's setting me back. Apologies to my players for the late start. Be there soon.

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