HobbyTown USA January 27, 2018 - Module Madness
Please put me down for the pf module I can bring either Bard 5 or Arcanist 7
re: Incident at Absalom Station, if you have a second level you can play with this, you probably will want to do so.

Some of my PCs: Valderon (Gunslinger 9), Ashelak the Tinkerer (Alchemist 13), Lord Ramone Dour (Unchained Rogue 12), Eagle Knight Grognard Drumm (Bard 10 / Barbarian 1)
I will not be able to make it since I won't be in town this weekend. Sorry guys
I will be unable to attend the starfinder game after all, sorry
I also, have to deal with stuff coming up, so I will be dropping as well.
I should be around that area later in the evening. I can arrive early and partake. I shall do the Seas to Shore.
I have 4 characters in that range.

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