Starfinder Midtown Atlanta 10/7 Adventure Path for Society Credit
(09-16-2017, 04:06 PM)dbrain Wrote: I've got a lot of character ideas I'd like to try out, so I'm with Bart in the ambivalence zone. Liam, any thoughts as to what you'd like to play?

I was looking at a few technomancer builds.

If we play in campaign mode - what are the campaign rules?

What kind of build/characters are allowed, etc?
Yeah, yeah, here's my list:
For convenience, the campaign mode will borrow all Starfinder Society Organized Play rules with the following exceptions:

- Evil characters are allowed, but they may not directly or indirectly cause unjustifiable injury (physical or economic) to other party members or to the overall welfare of the party. Justification must be agreed by me.

- Likewise, intentional character-vs-character combat is allowed when justifiable for the overall welfare of the party (to stop such evil character from botching the mission, for instance). Justification must be agreed by me.

- Buying, selling and trading items amongst party members is permitted.

- Loot and experience will be allocated as described in the Core Rulebook rather than as per chronicle sheets.

- Available items and NPC spellcasting services are limited only by the settlement and not by the character level.

- All spells and items from the Core Rulebook and the Adventure Path are legal, including reincarnate and animate dead, the use of the Noqual special material and the artifact Ungarato, if discovered.

- Fame, Infamy, Reputation and Boon mechanics will not be used.
Hey, FYI, since this is looking like it's going to campaign mode, I'm going to exercise some 'authority' here and strike it from the organization's calendar.

I've also added disclaimer language to this forum.
Wasteland Gaming Liaison

An updated list of what I've played and GM-ed is at:

Legacy races?
All of the legacy races from Chapter 13 of the Core Rulebook are legal for play, with the racial traits as specified therein.

Also, please ensure that your character is planned out to level two, because there will be a leveling-up mid-chapter.
Per Sean, since we'll be playing in campaign mode I've closed off the last player slot to keep the experience curve appropriate for campaign. Party doesn't have a front liner yet, so I'll put myself down as a solarion.
FYI, I crunched the numbers and this Adventure Path seems squarely written for a party of four. More specifically, a party of five in campaign mode will not reach average party level 3 before the major starship battle. Due to the way that starship combat scales in Starfinder, I consider this a huge disadvantage that is not offset by superior action economy.

Therefore, I will be adding to the challenge rating of the various encounters (but not the major ones) so that the average party level is appropriate for the various starship combats. Accordingly, experience and loot rewards will also increase slightly.

If anybody objects to this approach and would rather have all encounters, including the starship combat, as written, please speak up.
Adjust away! Yet another advantage of campaign mode, bespoke adventures.

Also, I'm planning on a melee envoy, if that helps.
I'm going to drop and give other folks a chance to play.

I have too much going on this day
Yeah, yeah, here's my list:

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