Tyche's Game Day -STARFINDER Sept 16 12pm-5pm
It is Starfinder week in Athens and we're debuting the quests for this game day.  

Tyche's Games is a true and generous host, so please show them some love. 

Purchases of 10 dollars of more gives you some sweet in-game benefits!

Game time is 12pm, there is reserved parking for customers, so no fighting the football parking.

For September 16th 2017:

Table 1

SFS Quest: Into the Unknown (1st level only) -GM: Eric

1. Rob
2. Katie
3. Travis

Those new to the Starfinder Society are free to bring a character made under the SFS rules or to simply come and play one of the pre-generated characters that we will have at the event. Starfinder Society rules and information can be found here  
If you would like to participate, please reply to this post with: your name (color commentary is also encouraged).  Walk-ins are welcome and we will always do our best to accommodate, but if you reserve a slot you will be guaranteed a spot to play.
Let's go to spaaace!
Me, Me, Me!
I'd like to join. 1st level pre-gen for me.

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