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So, I played at Dragoncon in 2009 and 11. I'm listed as having played 6 games total, with a character that is lost which I can't remember.

This year I played at DC. I knew I had previously had a # but had no idea what it was. Used a pregen. Was told to pick up a new number for the DM sheet. So I did that.

If I now want to be more active in society play, how do I resolve? I have 6 old modules listed on the Paizo site for a missing character, and a new character with a wrong player #. Help please.
If you are able to log in to the paizo site you should be able to find your old number. Then one of the DragonCon coordinators should be able to assign the game that you played this year to that number.
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That *is* an excellent point - now is the time where that change could be accommodated. PM me if that's the course you want to take with this, Winn.
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An updated list of what I've played and GM-ed is at: https://www.pfstracker.net/#/players/1964/report


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