Great value for minis - kickstarter ending in 30 hours
Just wanted to give y'all a heads-up in case you missed it. Reaper's 4th Bones Kickstarter ends in about 30 hours. Right now the Core set ($100) gets you 149 minis, including iconics for 10 paizo characters (from the newer books, mostly Occult Adventures and Advanced Class Guide, I think). They've also got a $50 add-on with a bunch of Starfinder-appropriate sci-fi stuff. Plus tons of other good looking items. Fyi.
An updated list of what I've played and GM-ed is at:

PFS ID: 100198
I backed... I've not backed any of the extra packages yet because I'm not sure how well the Chronoscope pack would work with Starfinder.  I'm probably most interested in the Darkreach set for add on's.

Honestly, a significant number of their mini's are starting to look the same as others in their line with minor changes.

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