Athens After Dark - Starfinder - September 12, 2017 (6:30pm-11:30pm)
(09-12-2017, 11:38 AM)Karrothesus Wrote: Since the weather won't be as bad as predicted me and Adam would still like to go if possible, if there aren't any spots available should we just show up? Or do we have to be on the list to play

We're only going to have one table, but come on down and we'll make it work.

I'll go ahead and add you and Adam back onto the table. No worries. We'll see y'all tonight.
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Explore Space - check.
Cooperate in Space - check.
Report about Space - check.

Athens After Dark for September 12, 2017 has been reported.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this event a success - and thanks to GM Jim for running a great Starfinder scenario!

Please send me a PM if you have questions or concerns.
List of Pathfinder Society played and GMed:

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