Card Advantage May 6th from 11am-9pm
Welcome to the return of Card Advantage!!!  We have even manage to get some prize support to celebrate!!!  We will be hosted two slots on Saturday May 6th, 12pm-5pm and 5pm-10pm.  We are happy to add tables, so signup below regardless if they are full. Due to the forums being down and low signups we will only be running Feast of RavenCORE!  (If people get to see this  Big Grin )
This event has been sanctioned under the Paizo [b]Regional Support Program.  This mean this gameday will include both player boons and a scaling GM boon based on how many games GMed at RSP gamedays. Details of the RSP are outlined on the Paizo Organized Play policies page:[/b] [/url][url=][/url]
For May 6th we have:
11am-9pm: All Day
Feast of Ravenmoor *CORE* (1st-5th) GM: Dave S. (One table)
1. Jim
2. Tiff- Pick Fighter 3
3. Eric

4. Jason
5. Robert- Druid 2


Bring a character crafted using Pathfinder Society Organized Play rules or play one of the pre-generated characters available at the event.  
Want to participate? Please reply to this post with: your name, the scenario you’d like to play, and your character's class & level.  Walk-ins are welcome. We always do our best to accommodate, but if you reserve a slot you will be guaranteed a spot to play.
If the table you want is full, PLEASE post to be added to the wait list. If needed, we will add another table so everyone plays!!!
If you have any questions, please post them here or send them to David Shaw at
VL Athens, GA
I will bring Pick-fighter 3. Thanks!
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